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Although he was the oldest player on the ice of the Stars’ practice rink that day in February 1998, when I first saw him I didn’t even know his name. Nevertheless, he stood out to such extent that I returned from my vacation in Dallas determined to find out about Guy Carbonneau. Any longstanding fan of Carbo could have predicted what I learned would capture my heart and my imagination forever.

In July 1998 I launched this site, which has grown to a current 316 pages of material, with 364 photos. I believe it is the largest site on the Web for an NHL player, but this must be blamed on Guy, whose accomplishments are just that inspiring. It is my mission to see that those accomplishments—which somehow I overlooked until 1998—will never be forgotten.

This is NOT an "official" or "authorized" site, but I do have Guy’s permission to create and maintain these pages. However, I must make clear that if left to his own devices, the last thing Carbo would do is authorize a web site singing his praises—it is more out of kindness to me that he allows this celebration of his career to exist. Guy's humility is just another reason to admire this man who has so many reasons to be proud.

Carbo Skating
Photo by Brad Amodeo (


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The site is organized into several general areas which can be accessed from the menu below. Be on the lookout for the  symbol, which designates favorite original essays which are recommended reading. I especially encourage you to read Retro Carbonneau, 24 pages on the history of Guy’s career as a player, year by year.

Mes excuses aux admirateurs francophones de Guy puisque je n'ai pas la traduction de toutes les pages sur le site. Vous pouvez visualiser le menu des pages françaises ici. Si vous êtes bilingue, vous pouvez consulter le site via les pages anglaises, et chercher le symbole , qui signifie que la traduction française est disponible. Cliquez sur le pour consulter la version française. Revenez régulièrement sur le site pour de nouvelles pages traduites en français!


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A recommended great source for ongoing Carbo news: Blogging Guy Carbonneau




Guy Carbonneau named head coach of Chicoutimi Sagueneens, courtesy of The Canadian Press, 2/7/11
"Bonne Fête, Carbo!
"  only, video of Guy's birthday courtesy of TVA, 3/19/10
Carbo at 50
, courtesy of Habs Inside Out/Montreal Gazette, Guy's current outlook and activities, posted 3/18/10
1990 Playoffs Vintage Video
, courtesy of CBC, originally broadcast 4/9/90 - Guy talks about his role as a defensive forward, posted 1/20/10
Podcast Interview with Guy
, courtesy of Montreal Mystique, 11/30/09, 56 minutes, English - a great chat with our hero
An amazing video about Guy Carbonneau's hip surgery
, courtesy of,  only, 10/25/09
Carbonneau's Goal Remains Coaching
, courtesy of The Montreal Gazette, 10/14/09
Carbonneau joins "Hockey Night in Canada"
,   9/16/09
Guy to Star on Reality Show
,   8/25/09 (English courtesy of Babelfish)

Carbo à Sept-Îles!, courtesy of,   posted 5/24/09

Coach of the Canadiens, 2006-2009

Carbonneau Open to Coming Back to Canadienscourtesy of CBC News, 5/5/09
Some Post-Firing Analysiscourtesy of, posted 3/26/09

Birthday Boy Meets the Presscourtesy of The Montreal Gazette,   posted 3/18/09
Carbonneau in good spiritscourtesy of The Journal de Montréal,   posted 3/18/09
Carbonneau fired during disappointing season
, posted 3/9/09
Finally an All Star appearance, posted 1/31/09

Carbonneau fulfilling his destinycourtesy of The Montreal Gazette, 11/10/08
8/25/08: Wallpapers courtesy of Carbonneau fan Lisa-Marie Schroeder,
1024 x 768 -  That Great Carbo Smile    Lucky Tie

No Trophy for Carbocourtesy of The Montreal Gazette, posted 6/14/08
Carbonneau headlines Jack Adams finalistscourtesy of CBC Sports, posted 5/1/08
Habs prepare for playoffscourtesy of the The Globe and Mail, posted 4/6/08
Carbonneau has come a long way to get Habs to top of the mountain, courtesy of The Globe and Mail, posted 3/27/08
The seed of a future great player and coachfrom 1976, courtesy of Martin Parent, posted 3/27/08

Carbonneau played with great emotioncourtesy of The Montreal Gazette, posted 12/31/06
Carbonneau leads the waycourtesy of, posted 11/29/06
Respect: Carbonneau will have to earn itcourtesy of The Montreal Gazette, posted 10/4/06
Carbonneau Will Add Passion, courtesy of The Montreal Gazette, posted 9/30/06

Carbo's Coaching Staff Complete, courtesy of, posted 6/21/06
Coach Carbo a Bit 'Scared'courtesy of The Montreal Gazette, posted 5/10/06

Carbo Scores in Pros v. Prospects Game, posted 2/26/06
Former Star's Move Timely, posted 1/21/06
Carbonneau takes aim at the Stars, posted 1/16/06
Carbo: «J'ai besoin d'une période d'adaptation»,   posted 1/16/06
Carbonneau Returns to Montreal Canadiens to Take His Dream Job, posted 1/15/06
Victory over the Sharks posted 1/15/06
Julien dehors, Carbonneau revient posted 1/14/06
GUY RETURNS TO MONTREAL as Asst. Coach, to be Head Coach '06-'07, posted 1/14/06


Added 2/13/11: Footage of "The Shift"
(thanks to Lisa-Marie Schroeder)


Guy's still got it: 3/13/10 Habs v. Nordiques

Coach Carbonneau in his lucky tie

The Carbonneau Song (mp3 download, 2.2 MB)


A summary of the numbers. For year-by-year stats, events and milestones, see also Retro Carbonneau. These five essays were the original tribute site from July ’98. Guy’s faceoff skills, his wisdom on the ice, his famous Shift in the ’98 Conference Finals, and more, with accompanying news articles. 
The story of Guy’s personal triumph over adversity as the Stars fought to win the 1999 Stanley Cup. Includes Guy’s playoff diary, and reports on his day with the Cup in Sept-Îles, Quebéc (). A year-by-year retrospective of Carbo’s career since junior hockey, 1976 to the present. Original essays, articles, photos, stats, awards, events, and quotes by and about Carbo.
(quelque pages) News and essays from throughout the year, including Guy’s 40th birthday, his amazing season, the Saguenéens deal, the penalty kill record, the Masterton Trophy, and much more.  Essays, articles, and photos on the Stars’ playoff run and the part Carbonneau played in defending the Cup.
Carbo finally encounters his self-appointed webmaster, under amazing and wonderful circumstances. "Interviews" with Guy’s 1984-85 home Canadiens jersey. The webmaster and Coach Carbonneau face to face. Information on the best of the author’s embarrassingly large collection, and hints for aspiring Carbo collectors.
(quelque pages) A new area in which I will share stories from Guy’s career which are not so well known, to supplement the information originally in Retro Carbonneau. (quelque pages) The retirement, the return to Montréal, the return to Chicoutimi, the temporary retirement of Guy's number in Dallas, and other great stories.
(quelque pages) Guy's two years coaching the Montréal Canadiens. (quelque pages) Guy's career in Dallas.
(quelque pages) Recognition for the web site.