Guy Carbonneau's Playoff Diary, 4/12/00:
Fans can count on opponents having Stars in their eyes

as told to Bill Nichols, The Dallas Morning News


Repeating is hard, and it's getting harder because there are so many good teams in the playoffs.

Everybody is shooting for you. I think we found that out during the regular season. Everybody that we played in the last 82 games wanted to beat us badly because we were the Stanley Cup champion. It will be the same in the playoffs.

You have to remember that it doesn't go your way all the time. Frustration can set in, and sometimes it's your year and the breaks go your way. We have to start on the right foot, then let the other teams make mistakes.

It is difficult to repeat because there is a lot more pressure. We have to guard against thinking that because it went well for us in the playoffs last year, we just need to show up and it will happen again. We need to restart it at zero.

The last two or three weeks, we haven't played like we wanted to play. But that's kind of normal. There was no place for us to go. Sometimes you try to rest a little bit, and the second and third effort that we gave to get where we are, we didn't do it. We need to get our game back in line and work on the little details.

It's a battle of the will. When you've got two good teams playing each other, it's whoever can concentrate the most, stay together, win the battles and stick to the game plan until the end. If we can control our emotion, not get frustrated when it does not go our way and be as patient as we were last year, then it will be a lot better.

I feel good. It's not easy with a cast on my wrist, but I've kind of got accustomed to it the last couple of weeks. It's getting better every day, and our line is playing well.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to be consistent and to play well defensively and create some stuff on the ice. But I want to be productive, too. I've never been the kind of guy who wants to go on the ice and do 30 seconds and go off. I want to create something when I have the puck. I think that's why I have had that much success in my career. I think Mike Keane is the same way, and whoever plays with us kind of adjusts to that.

There are a lot more good teams in the playoffs this year. I don't care what anybody says. I don't think there's anybody who can be a favorite by that much. I know St. Louis had a great season, but so have Detroit and Philadelphia.

You've got seven teams with over 100 points. Whoever can get through the pain and the suffering will win. Once you get to the end, it doesn't matter how good of shape you are in. Mentally and physically you will be tired, but the energy will still be there.