Guy Carbonneau's Playoff Diary, 4/18/00:
Stars need to step up their effort

as told to Bill Nichols, The Dallas Morning News


Everybody was really disappointed with how we played on Sunday. But this is playoff hockey, and you have to get over the little bumps in the road. It's a long ride.

We had a meeting on Monday. We talked about what Edmonton did to us, what we didn't do and what we need to do to them.

Our mood is fine. Hitch talked to us and kind of put us back in perspective about where we stand and what we have to do. If we were down, 3-0, in the series and had our backs to the wall, then there would be a lot more emotion. But at this stage right now, leading, 2-1, we're just trying to stay positive.

We didn't talk a lot about X's and O's. The Oilers were desperate in the first period, and they kicked our butts. It was pretty simple really.

I think it's all mental. We talked about competing harder and winning the battles. If we don't do that, then they will do the same thing to us that they did Sunday. We talked about making changes in the way we want to play. One of the things we need to do is play a more physical game. I think we have to be much more aggressive.

You have two ways to react when you're under pressure: You either make the same mistakes again, or you play better. I think in the past we have always played better after a loss, and that's what I expect to see Tuesday.

I think we have a bunch of guys who hate to lose. We have the guys who know how to respond when they are under pressure. We had those bumps in the road last year in the playoffs, and we overcame them.