The seed of a future great player and coach
Posted 3/27/08


Martin Parent, an old (very old) teammate of Guy's, shared this story with me, along with the fabulous photo. Martin now lives in Spokane, Washington, still playing hockey with his son and with friends, and being a referee.

"I thought that I would share with your website pictures of when Guy Carbonneau played for his hometown of Sept-Iles, Quebec in a 1976 Provincial tournament.  Guy was the greatest even then. I recall that we were losing 6 to 1 after the second period.  With a great speach from our coach, Guy rallied his team to win the Championship with a 7 to 1 win.

"I thought it would be a good time to share this when the Canadians are about to start their playoffs.  I believe as we all did when we were young that you can only win with heart.  I thought that if I shared this maybe some of his players would see that Guy is all that. 

"Thanks Guy for the memories."