Retro Carbonneau

  Season 14: 1989-90  

Guy Carbonneau: The Man and the Captain

October/November 1989 Les Canadiens
Excerpted and translated from the French

Portrait[Webmaster's Note: With Bob Gainey’s retirement, the Canadiens needed a new captain, and elected Guy and Chris Chelios to share the position.]

The Man

Guy Carbonneau, the man, now 29, has always approached life with a disconcerting maturity. One can see a weightiness in his regard, and in the way he communicates his thoughts, and the care he takes to answer questions with an uncommon calmness and rationality.

In unguarded moments, he will suddenly appear filled with a sadness both strange and marvelous. On the ice, his calm rarely gives way to emotionality, but when it does, one knows it is only the manifestation of his great desire to defeat his opponent.

Four years in juniors and two seasons in the minors have not exactly been a vacation. After such an apprenticeship, one can understand more easily the ardor for the game which Carbo has harbored in his heart the past seven seasons.

One would think of him as an extrovert, but this is not true. Called upon to describe himself, Carbonneau is the first to say he is a shy man. He will also say he adores the game of hockey, which has permitted him to realize his potential.

"There’s nothing unique in the fact that I take pleasure in winning," he says. "I like to be in the fire of the action, when the situation is critical."

With Mario Lemieux
The Captain

Off the ice, Carbonneau is shy and introverted. But once on the ice, his eyes light up like a burning brazier with desire to vanquish his foe. And that desire to win he shares with his cohort, Chelios.

"The only change I want to make as co-captain is a new attitude, that is to say in my rapport with the referees," explains Carbonneau. "It’s true that in the past I have had certain difficulties with the officials; however, I’ve acquired more experience and will modify my strategy in this regard. I will be more tactful." But he adds, "What do you want, I still play to win!"

"In my opinion, the fact that Chelly received the votes will be excellent for the team, for Chris, and for me. Because of it we will be able to remove some weight from our shoulders. I believe this will have a positive impact on our game."

"It is true that it’s by attitude and behavior that one can most often inspire one’s teammates, but concerning the level of communication, having two co-captains is an excellent thing. I’m certain this will strengthen the bonds on our team."


Les Canadiens, Oct./Nov. 1989
Les Canadiens, Dec. 1989

Year's Stats:
Regular Season
68 19 36 55 37
11 2 3 5 6


  • Served as Co-Captain of the Canadiens with Chris Chelios.
  • Was a plus-21 for the season.
  • Nominated for the Selke Trophy.
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