Guy Carbonneau--"Epilog"
When I got my first autographed Carbonneau card, I did what most people who get autographs will do: I stared at it for some while, trying to picture the man actually writing his name there. I couldn't help but think how that particular square of cardboard was only one of hundreds passing under his pen that day, and thousands over the years. Hard to think of it as personal, and yet, this was a pretty autograph, that was sure. Nice calligraphic curves...and interesting that he left out his first name...but what was that bold vertical line?



drawing: ©1998 Diane Lau

All at once it hit me, my autographed Carbo Dallas Stars Be a Player card bore the logo of the Montreal Canadiens. Yes, the "CH" of the Habs was there, an inseparable part of the permanent signature of their former captain. And with that realization, a little bit of the personality of Guy Carbonneau seemed to tingle off that card into my fingers.

As a fan, there's a limit to how much you can really know about the players you admire. We can get pretty imaginative about what glorious qualities we attribute to these men. It's sometimes hard to know who deserves to be a hero and who doesn't.

But even a johnny-come-lately Carbonneau fan such as myself can figure out easily enough: if ever a hockey player deserved admiration, this one does. This future-Hall-of-Famer is a true hero of hockey, and I'm just glad I had the opportunity to offer him this tribute.

—Diane Lau

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