Guy Carbonneau--"Le Visage"

Guy with the Sags
Guy at 17 or 18, as a member of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens. Does this young man look like trouble or what?

Guy with Blues

Guy looking piratical with the Blues in 1994.

A player can work on his skating or practice his passing or do what it takes to perfect his skills, but his face is a gift of God and genetics. The accomplished Monsieur Carbonneau is one of those players also blessed with a face that a casting director would gladly choose for a hockey player. Boyish good looks counter- balanced by a dusky maturity; a proud, patrician countenance which can burst into a disarming smile; something wise… something dangerous… something authoritative… something passionate.

Just watch that face: the resolute eyes under arched brows, when he focuses for a faceoff; the look of intensity when he shouts instructions to a teammate in the heat of the game; that slightly wicked mirth in his smile as he loiters by the bench during a stoppage, having just pulled off a good crushing hit. Hard work doesn’t make that face look fatigued, only more determined. The years of gashes and bruises haven’t made it look worn, only more beautiful.

drawing: ©1999 Diane Lau

Young Canadien
Guy at 22, a young Canadien obviously loving every
minute of it.

Guy with Selke
The three-time Selke winner.

Montreal Captain

It’s a metaphor, Guy’s face, for everything the imagination perceives as good and inspirational about his sport. First, hockey is a serious business that at its heart is still a game, and the face of Carbonneau that is formed to look so princely can in a moment flash back to the impish glee of youth. Second, hockey is a sport for the brave, those not intimidated by its speed and ferocity, and this visage is unblinkingly fearless. Third, while the physical nature of the game is renowned, we fans also know it favors the intelligent and self-disciplined. How appropriate then are the strong brow and clear eyes of Carbonneau, which can look so wise and valiant when all about him have lost their heads or their heart.

Guy is certainly unaware that so much of what he represents shows thus upon his face. On any given day he probably gives ten times the attention to the taping of his sticks than what he sees in the dressing room mirror. And we happily give him leave to attend to the work he has to do…and hope he will forgive us for admiring that he looks so good doing it.

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