Carbo speaks on Marchment's latest, etc.

by Red Fisher for The Montreal Gazette, Dec. 30, 2000, excerpted


On Thursday, Doug Weight lost it in the first period of the Oilers' 2-2 skirmish in San Jose. San Jose defenceman Bryan Marchment appeared to go after the elite player's knee. Weight was helped off the ice, but returned roughly eight minutes later and immediately went after Marchment. His payback was in the form of a two-handed cross-check to Marchment's face. Then, when Marchment fell to the ice, Weight leaped on him.

Weight was assessed a slashing penalty, an instigator penalty, a fighting major, a double misconduct and a game misconduct, but the NHL people responsible for discipline determined that no supplementary punishment was necessary.

Said Guy Carbonneau: "I saw the whole thing on television. I'm pretty sure Weight was hurt on the play, because he had a whole lot of tape on his leg when he came back. That makes me think the only reason he came back was to get back at Marchment."

While several Canadiens expressed surprise that Weight wasn't suspended, Carbonneau checked in on the Edmonton player's side . . . big-time.

"We've talked to owners time and again about players going after someone's knees, and we haven't been able to do anything about it. Going after a player's knee is the worst thing in hockey. It's worse than hitting from behind. Then again, I thought [Weight] would be suspended for going after Marchment the way he did - and he wasn't," Carbonneau said.

"I don't have a problem with that, though. You talk to Marchment and he's always telling you: 'That's the way I play. ... that's the way I play,' but that's not the way to play. When you go after a guy's knee, the way Marchment does, it's not only an injury ... it's a career."

Needless to say, Carbonneau has more weighty things on his mind than whether or not Weight is healthy enough to play. For one thing, are Carbo's Canadiens ready to play now that they're 13 games under .500?

"It's pretty discouraging. The only thing to do is to hope we can lift our game to another level waiting for our injured players to come back. It's hard, but if we don't play hard, things aren't going to get better, and they have to get better," Carbonneau said.

"The way things are going now, we're going to have to win just about all our games in January to get back into this thing."

Carbonneau, as you can see, is a great kidder. On the other hand, he's not giving up hope, either.

"We've got some kids over in Moscow (at the world junior championship) who I think can step up next season," he said. "Obviously, we're not going to be able to keep all of the older guys on this team, so we need some of the kids to step up. You don't really know what they can do until they've played at this level, but I like what I've seen."

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