Officially old

Dog YearsStars center Guy Carbonneau is officially the oldest man in the NHL with a contract. With the retirement of Dale Hunter, Dino Ciccarelli and Kjell Samuelsson, Carbonneau ascends to the throne of Grandfather of the League.

"It's funny, I honestly don't feel old," said Carbonneau, who said he feels like he can continue playing into his 40s. "They always say that you know when it's time to retire, and I don't feel that way at all. This is still fun to me."

Carbonneau wears his age like a badge of honor. His latest T-shirt proclaims: "In dog years...I'm dead."

Officially, in dog years, Carbonneau would be 273. Still, he has a way to go to be the oldest player in Stars history. Goalie Gump Worsley played to age 44 years, 10 months.

--Fort Worth Star-Telegram, September 14, 1999

[Note: Carbonneau scored the game-tying goal in his preseason debut against the Chicago Blackhawks. In his second game of the preseason, he scored an assist and the game-winning goal in a 2-1 victory over St. Louis. Not bad for 273.]