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My name is Diana Laurence, here to tell you about the Living Beyond Reality Press READ FREE Project.

I know John Grisham, J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meier don't give their work away for free.

I also know there are thousands of writers in the world as talented as they are,
whose names you will never know simply because good fortune didn't make them into celebrities.
Am I among them? No...because after all, you know my name now, don't you? hee hee hee.


The point is, sure I like getting royalty payments, but not as much as I like people reading my work.
I am so greedy for more readers, I thought, why not sell some books, but give away others for free?

So that's the Living Beyond Reality Press READ FREE Project.

two ways to play:

ebooks -- Living Beyond Reality Press is offering these free works as ebooks in pdf and MS Reader (lit) format. If you want to get them in this format, you will need to sign up for the Project here. Then you'll be authorized to download the ebooks for free. Signing up will also mean you will be notified when new works are available or of other Diana Laurence news. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time and never hear from me again (sounds lonely though).

online -- But if you don't want me to know you're out there and prefer just reading in anonymity, the books and stories are also available right on this site for you to read off the internet in html format.

Hey, you can even steal them, put them up on your own site, copy them and send them to friends. I'm not like the recording industry. All I ask is that you give me credit and a link back to

if you want to reward the author:

(1) e-mail me what you thought of what you read. There are "E-Mail Me Your Thoughts" links at the end of each work's web pages, or if you download the ebook version, my e-mail address is shown at the end of the ebook.

(2) Get more books! Try another free one, or even a not-free one (see the Diana Laurence website).

current selections:


gift of flesh

cover illustration from
"Golden Aja" by John Enright
purchase HERE

Novella, 24,000 words (40 pages - equivalent to 70 pages in paperback).
Genre: Fantasy.
Rating: NC-17, adult themes and contains some graphic sex passages.

Synopsis: Raised as a concubine, Miakaela now finds herself chosen by the Monarch of her land as a Gift of Flesh for a neighboring king. Envoy Naissun is commanded by that king to bring her safely through the rough journey to his harem. Tormented by his conscience and a growing affection for Miakaela, Naissun struggles to find a moral and practical answer to this quandary. But of course, first they must make it through the trip alive... In a medieval fantasy setting, two complex characters are torn: should they choose pragmatism and duty, or rebellion?

Read online here
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PRAISE from In the Library Reviews:
"This is a riveting story with a thrilling conclusion. The world in which this story takes place is wonderful and creative. Diana Laurence has a unique voice and gives great detail...truly a gifted wordsmith. You'll truly enjoy reading Gift of Flesh and relishing in true love found in the strangest of places."
--Cyndi Witkus (read the entire review HERE)

"This heart wrenching story will tug at the readers emotions, as I could feel their anguish over their seemingly hopeless situation. The well thought out plot weaves the action and romance seamlessly together. GIFT OF FLESH is a creative tale with compelling characters and an intriguing story line. Ms. Lau certainly gives her readers a superb gift with her free story."
--Amelia Richard (read the entire review HERE)

FOUR STARS from Fallen Angel Reviews:
"Ms. Lau has written a short, 40-page story that contains all the elements of a larger book. We watch as these characters try to fight falling in love and the path they take. The author has given the readers a story that will hold them from the first word written to the last. These characters are so well described; they seem to leap off the page into the readers living rooms to tell their story. If you are looking for a story that is uplifting, then I highly recommend this one, you will not be disappointed. "
--Donna (read the entire review HERE)

Reader Comments:

"Not long after having read Living Beyond Reality, I downloaded Gift of Flesh. Boy! What a treat! Mia's and Naissun's story was so different from any romance fiction or romantica I'd ever read before. I found that it was reminiscent of a tale Scheherazade might have told her king during those one thousand and one nights! Or perhaps of a fairy tale once told in China. In any case, I very much enjoyed Gift of Flesh. The imagery used was vibrant and the writing, flawless. So many works by authors of ebooks suffer from bad editing and incorrect grammar, spelling and syntax - no such problem here! The language you use flows beautifully and actually add to the story in itself. Now, I can't wait to start reading The Golden Padawan!" --Melanie

"When I finished reading 'Gift of Flesh' I was disappointed. It was done, all gone! Would you consider elaborating on these two people's lives? Thanks." --Jane

"I enjoyed reading it and was sorry it ended so soon. I like the way you write and create a believable story. You developed the characters and their reactions to the situation they were in interestingly. There was everything in the story of why we read them--interesting people, unique situations to test them, sexual tension and release (Wow) and happy endings. I liked the sweetness of Miakaela and the strength of Naissun. I will recommend you as an author to my reading buddies and I will read you again." --Joy

"I finished reading "Gift of Flesh" today. It was another terrific, erotic story with a couple to admire and root for. I liked the way you solved the 'impossible' dilemma of Mia and Naissun. Thanks for making this available to the fans!" --Jennie

"[A] little jewel of a story. Rest assured it has earned you a place on my Keeper shelf. It is one of the most beautiful things I have read." --Catherine

"...An absolutely moving and arousing piece of reading, the depiction of the characters are embedded in my mind. Thank you for a marvelous piece of literature." --Elizabeth


sign of the bloodletters

a comic book by Diana Laurence, illustrated by CC Rogers, 2008
based in the Bloodchained universe

Length: 12 pages
Genre: Paranormal/historical romance
Rating: PG

Synopsis: For lovers of vampire romance, "Sign of the Bloodletters" chronicles one evening at the Swife's Inn. Two strangers visit Artur Swife and his daughter Nevia, sharing their disparate knowledge of the Bloodletters, the legendary blood-drinking race of immortals. Nevia is sympathetic towards those morally ambiguous beings, but that may be due to the influence of the charming Jonas Tammany. The comic is a spin-off of Diana Laurence's vampire romance novel, Bloodchained.

Read online here


graphic excerpt from
"As Commonplace
as Rain"

a mini-comic by Diana Laurence, illustrated by CC Rogers, 2008
full story "As Commonplace as Rain" appears in Soulful Sex Volume II (ebook)
and Soulful Sex Volumes I & II (paperback)

Length: Two pages
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG

Synopsis: Pasha is a member of an order of priestesses completely isolated from males, and she is suffering from a debilitating emotional ailment known as the Yearning. The order, seeking a cure, summons Knight-Ambassador Tristan to meet with her. In this scene, the two get to know each other...

Read online here


artemis in love

originally published by New Age Dimensions' "Dollar Dimensions" series, 2004

Length: Short story, 8,800 words (18 pages - equivalent to 33 pages in paperback).
Genre: Fantasy.
Rating: PG-13, brief mature themes.

Synopsis: The goddess Artemis is fiercely independent and determined to stay that way, until clever Queen Hera banishes her to a faraway forest and the company of an eternal boy named Jace. The heart's desire can sometimes be a complete surprise, as Artemis learns in this myth of love and discovery.

Read online here
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FIVE ANGELS from Fallen Angel Reviews:
"Diana Laurence has penned a tale that is sure to delight fans of romance and mythology. For once, readers are offered a unique perspective on the gods' lives. Artemis is a very real woman. Her encounter with Jace reveals desires and feelings that are the same as any mere mortal. The understanding and friendship that flares between them is engaging and will leave readers smiling. Ms. Laurence displays an eloquence that makes Iason's world easy to visualize and their love effortless to experience. A truly enjoyable read."


a story custom written for Sherry, contest winner in November 2005

Length: Short story, 8,200 words (15 pages - equivalent to 28 pages in paperback).
Genre: Historical.
Rating: NC-17, adult themes and graphic language.

Synopsis: Set in medieval Scotland, "Tartan" is the tale of Miranda Dunbrek, weaver and seamstress, who makes an interesting arrangement with Malcom Keyth, a neighborhood carpenter. Malcom is determined to woo her, and Miranda could very easily give in to the alluring young man. However, she is too interested in the long term possibilities of their acquaintance to risk giving in too soon to a virtual stranger. She agrees to his proposition that he be allowed to court her for as long as it takes her to make him a new tartan. As the plaid grows in length, the amorous adventures of the two grow in intensity.

Read online here
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Reader Comments:

"This is a really cool short story set in Scotland...It's a short, sweet, easily-read story that fits well with Diana Laurence's other works of fiction in that it is fast-moving, captures your attention from the first paragraph and doesn't let you go to the very end. Like her other books, it also makes you want to read more of her work!"
--Dee, on


secret santas

originally published in New Age Dimensions Holiday Extravaganza, 2004

Length: Short short story, 6,200 words (14 pages - equivalent to 25 pages in paperback).
Genre: Contemporary.
Rating: G (nothing racy in this one, folks...but it is festive!)

Synopsis: Jamie's office is holding their annual Secret Santa gift exchange. In the process of helping her friend Kelly figure out gifts for their shy coworker Jeff, Jamie finds new romance. As their boss puts it, "When you have to focus on how to make another person happy, maybe a person you are just getting to know, you look at him or her in a completely new way. I guess that's where the magic comes in."

Read online here
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FOUR STARS from The Romance Studio:
"Diana Laurence took me back in time when I attended Christmas parties and when I was a Secret Santa...'Secret Santas' is a well-written story that most readers can relate to. It is easy to visualized shopping in a department store, smelling the Christmas-sy smells, and getting into the spirit of the holiday season."
--Linda B.

Reader Comments:

"I just read your Secret Santas. It was wonderful. The plot twists were great. What a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit."

"I loved your piece about Secret Santa...Your story would make a very nice made for television Christmas movie. Thank you for a very enjoyable season's read!"



originally published in SUITE Magazine, February 2005

Length: Short short story, 3,400 words (7 pages - equivalent to 13 pages in paperback).
Genre: Contemporary.
Rating: NC-17, adult themes and graphic language.

Synopsis: Jennifer has secretly been in love with her friend Tom for years. When they are cast opposite each other in a community theater production of "Dracula," their scenes together are almost more than she can bear. It's a struggle to draw the line between reality and playacting, and Tom's approach to the challenge only makes things worse!

Read online here
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FOUR HEARTS from The Romance Studio:
"Diana Laurence has a flare for writing and it shows in her short story 'Playacting.' I could visualize every word and scene in vivid display, and although the sensual level was mild, it was sweetly written. I am sure that 'Playacting' will have readers remembering their own crushes!"
--Linda B.


the scarlet

Short story, 12,000 words (19 pages - equivalent to 35 pages in paperback).
Genre: Fantasy.
Rating: NC-17, adult themes, mild BDSM and contains some graphic sex passages.

Synopsis/Caveat to Readers: The author has made her name writing "erotica with soul," that is, romance fiction that is spicy and sensual but also tasteful and literary. "The Scarlet Shackle" is also in that style, but the subject matter may not be suitable for all readers.

This is a fantasy story about a woman named Julia who is captured in war and taken to her enemies' country to serve as a pleasure slave. Julia is strong, well-educated and capable... which makes her all the more baffled at the emotions she experiences toward her master, Marcus. While much tamer than typical BDSM fare, the story contains mild punishment scenes. However, rather than focusing on these, the tale explores the issue of two good people struggling with the ironic pleasure they find in the dominant / submissive roles forced upon them by their culture.

If you are offended by such themes, this story will not be for you. But if the psychological study of submission in a fantasy context intrigues you, I hope you will enjoy "The Scarlet Shackle."

Read online here
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FIVE STARS from independent reviewer affiliated with Just Erotic Romance Reviews:
"'The Scarlet Shackle' is a short story that is truly amazing! Ms. Laurence has written a unique story that has many twists and turns keeping the reader guessing at this fast paced erotic tale. Julia and Marcus are a very attractive couple, Marcus is brooding, and I felt it was very sexy. The depth of Julia's touching emotions were moving; never giving up on her dreams for the man she loved. Ms. Laurence delivers a story that is original and enticing. 'The Scarlet Shackle' is not just another BDSM story. It has a lot of romance, passionate love scenes, and HOT sex that will entertain you from the beginning to the end. I will add this touching but scorching HOT story to my home library and read it over and over again."
--Susan Holly

PRAISE from Road to Romance:
"Action and intrigue on every page makes Diana Laurence's short story, 'The Scarlet Shackle,' an exciting read. I was ready to embrace his tortured soul, he grew on me quickly, and is a pleasant surprise overall. Though a much too short story, 'The Scarlet Shackle' is unexpected as well as original. When most of us think pleasure slaves as those who are brutalized or used repeatedly, Ms. Laurence showed that it is not the case with Julia and Marcus. Though I do feel I must mention that Marcus uses his whip on more than one occasion on Julia, this doesn't deter from the premise of the story or the reasons that Marcus does what he does. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. 'The Scarlet Shackle' is a story of ultimate surrender to love, desire and at times the reader has to wonder who exactly it is surrendering. Is it Julia to Marcus or vice versa? Read 'The Scarlet Shackle' to find out, it's definitely recommended."
--Tracey West (read the entire review HERE)

FIVE FLAMES from Sizzling Romances:
"This highly erotic short story is about submission and the ultimate surrender. Julia is a wonderful character, but I think Marcus is the most intriguing. He is a very powerful character and still remains somewhat of a mystery at the end. It’s a well-written story that is highly recommended."

RECOMMENDED AND FEATURED by "A Submissive's Journey":
"I'd like to compliment you on your work, I've read and reread the story and have greatly enjoyed it."
--C.J., Webmaster, "A Submissive's Journey"

FOUR RATING from Romance Junkies
THE SCARLET SHACKLE is a very good novella. Diana Laurence immediately grabs the reader's attention with her well-written story. You will keep right on reading until you find out how Julia's captivity ends. Will Julia come to love her new world? Or, will she hate being a pleasure slave to Marcus? I enjoyed reading it and discovering the answer.
--B.J. Deese (read the entire review HERE)

PRAISE from Romance Reviews Today:
"...A sensuous tale of one woman's journey into a world totally different from her own. Author Diana Laurence packs quite a lot of story in just a few short pages. THE SCARLET SHACKLE is smoothly written; the sex is passionate, and the characters well created."
--Sinclair Reid (read the entire review HERE)

PRAISE from Novelspot:
"You could say that 'The Scarlet Shackle' is a the story of a seduction, though at times it is hard to say who seduces whom. There is a rousing spanking scene, and a little bit of punishment, but it is all quite mild. In my opinion, it is good to see a BDSM story without the vicious anger that so heavily colors this genre. The story is well written...if a criticism must made, the only one is that it could have been longer."
--Maitress (read the entire review HERE)

Reader Comments:

The Scarlet Shackle is the first story I have read of yours, but it most certainly won't be the last! I thought the story was very intriguing and stirred my emotions, just as the characters' emotions were stirred. In short Ms. Lau, your writing is lovely and I thank you and look forward to enjoying some of your other works in the future.

How beautifully written this tale was! I am so very impressed with your work that I've chosen to share it with the submissives/slaves group of which I am leader. I look forward to reading as much of your writing as I can...kudos to you for the writing and a "thank you" for such a lovely story.
--pawn, Bishop's girl


the golden

Category Length Novel, 53,500 words (92 pages - equivalent to 155 pages in paperback).
Genre: Science Fantasy (Star Wars Fan Fiction--so obviously I have to give it away free!).
Rating: PG-13, some mild sexual themes and graphic violence.

Synopsis: Jedi prodigy Aeli Camil is studying at the Temple and nearly eligible to be chosen a Padawan when she meets Brenan Auri-Owan, a Knight renowned across the galaxy for his lightsaber prowess. Their first encounter is exceptional; not only can they read each other’s minds, but Aeli feels an immediate and inexplicable bond to the famous Jedi. Brenan seems to have an explanation but wants to conceal it until he has completed a mysterious quest to lift from himself a spiritual curse. For her part, Aeli is afraid of the passion she can’t help but feel for the Knight. Fearing the influences of the Dark Side, she fights her emotions by seeking a different life path. As the two struggle to determine the truth about their strange connection, Jedi are disappearing mysteriously all over the galaxy and the Council has no clue as to why. One evil man with an incredible and strange gift is well on his way to bringing down the Jedi, who are helpless to stop him. An ancient prophecy will hold the key to all these mysteries, ending in a fierce spiritual battle between good and evil that will determine the fate of Aeli, Brenan, and the Jedi Order.

Read online here
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FIVE STARS / RECOMMENDED READ from Fallen Angel Reviews:
"Only a true fan of the Star Wars series, with an innate knowledge of the inner workings of the storyline and characters, could write such a piece as this, giving us a strong and bold picture of the life of these warriors. The new twists that author Diane Lau spins into this tale were just right and just enough to pull this reader right in. I’m hoping that Ms. Lau will continue to tell us more of the Jedi, and help to solve the mysteries surrounding them. Danger, legend, fierce battles, and power mingle to please readers in The Golden Padawan."
--Michelle (read the entire review HERE)

Reader Comments:

"I sincerely loved 'The Golden Padawan.' I can admit, at first I was a little skeptical from the Star Wars theme, but then I read it and it was so much more than that. I did appreciate the adventure as well as the soul-stirring connecting of the Golden Pair. I don't know how you did it, but you made me like reading sci-fi!" --"Freestyle Poet"

"Your story was one of the best I've read in what seems like a millenia. It's just bloody wonderful. The stride you take with the plot and with the progression of the characters is something to rival any great Star Wars lit out there that I've read. Thank you for this adventure, this experience!" --"Spyre"

"Wonderfully written...I especially was awed with the scene where Aeli 'merged' with Brenan's spirit. It is like entering a whole new universe!" --Jennie

"I really like it, it pulled me in right away, which is always a great thing. And it's a unique story. You did a marvelous job!" --Jasmine

"Just wanted you to know I loved your story 'The Golden Padawan.' I found it involving, with a delicate storyline and romance that was refreshing. The characters were very endearing." --Michelle

"After having read the review of this novella by Fallen Angels, I could not wait to read it myself, and I was not disappointed! It was incredible! I absolutely loved Brenan and Aeli, and the story was incredibly true to the Star Wars universe, unlike many I have read by other authors. Do you plan on writing a sequel? This was very well written and I would like to hear more about the adventures of the Golden Pair..." --Steph